Steps & Costs

Wanna undertake a journey to the stars?

On this page I will record (as faithfully as possible) all the steps and the costs in my quest to become an astrophysicist.

Step # 1 – Say to yourself (or someone you love): “Holy shit the universe is so insanely awesome I can’t live without gaining as much in-depth knowledge about it as humanly possible!

Cost: Free.
Time: It took me 30 years to get here, but different strokes.


Step # 2: Call your local university and find out what prerequisites you need to get into the astrophysics program.

Cost: A phone call
Time: 45 minutes


Step # 3: Look up adult education in your city and call to learn how to enroll.

Cost: A phone call
Time: 30 minutes


Step # 4: Take placement tests for high school.

Cost: Public transit fare
Time: 2-3 hours


Step # 5: Enroll in high school.

Cost: $40 administration fee & $100 refundable text book deposit = $140
Time: 30 minutes (to get a cheesy student card picture)


Step # 6: Get back to school supplies.

Cost: Around $30
Time: 1 hour


Step # 7: Go to school!

Cost: Public transit fare (2 per day – unless you get a metropass)
Time: 4 hours per day/5 days a week (that’s for two courses per quad)


Step #8: Learn math!

Cost: Scientific calculator = $35
Time: TBA


Step #9: Enroll for 2nd year at school!

Cost: Admin fee = $40
Time: 1 hour


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